Petsway proudly offers dog grooming at all five Springfield locations, the Joplin location, and the Petsway location in Poplar Bluff. Grooming services for dogs include bathing, brushing, and trimming hair and nails. Learn More
Training is essential to having a good relationship with your dog. Training will help you learn to better communicate with your dog and will strengthen your bond, making you both happier! Learn More
Care & Tips

Dogs have earned the title "man's best friend." Understanding and following basic care procedures for your dog will help to ensure a long, happy life together for you and your best friend.

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Food Brands

Shop LOCAL for your pet's favorite brands. Be sure to ask if the food your pet loves has a Frequent Buyer Program when you visit. Not available at the big box stores!

Petsway proudly carries high-quality and specialty food for dogs.

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DIY Dog Wash

Whether your dog is tiny or huge, a bath lover or a bath avoider, bath-time at home can be a challenge. Petsway has the answer with a self-service dog wash. That’s right—a bath built exclusively for your canine companion.

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  • Did you know Hermit crab has an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years in the captivity and some land can survive from 12 to 70 years.hermit crabs? Wow! Looking for a fascinating creature who's shell is both its armor and home and loves to live in groups...Save 10% on all Hermit Crabs through 6/3/18. Read More.
  • For the Month of May our Springfield and Nixa locations are collecting cash donations for our friends at the SAAFhouse. SAAF provides high quality , affordable spay and neuter services for dogs, cats and feral cats in the Ozarks. There is No income restrictions! Read More.
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Reward yourself when you shop at Petsway. In addition to Loyalty Club points, you can earn free bags of your dog or cat’s favorite food.

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